Need help with firewall settings!

I’m using Firefox and I don’t remember doing anything to the Comodo firewall but right now if a webpage cannot be found it’ll show the Comodo custimized error page. It started today cuz I don’t remember ever seeing it before. I want the browser to show the error page as it was before. How do I change it back?

Also, when I install drivers I get numerous pop ups. I check the remember my answer box and click on allow every time but the windows keep showing. The pop-ups about service.exe wanting to do something showed up about 7 times every time I installed a driver. I just upgraded from Vista to Win7 recently and I don’t remember the firewall being so annoying in Vista. Can anyone tell me how to fix it or if there’s any instruction manual that I can read? Thanks!

You didn’t install the recent update? Because it sounds like you’re using SecureDNS, which the installer will enable for you.
Comodo Secure DNS: Enable & Disable Information