Need help with Firewall Selection

Presently I’m running Avira Security Suite and although I’m happy with the antivirus and the ability for the sw to detect rootkits, I’m hearing disparaging remarks about the firewall. As a matter of fact, in all of the writeups where Avira’s Firewall falls flat, Comodo seems to be at the top!
So, can I switch to Comodo without gumming up the Avira works? When I update it, I assume the firewall and malware detector gets updated with the A.V. Would it be better to be paranoid, or can Avira work with what I understand is a great Firewall? (Comodo)
Thank you in advance for any help you can shed on this dillemma.

Please forgive me. Newbie is quite fitting since I’ve never done this before. I thought this was the place to ask anything. Can you explain what or where to post and get this question answered? Thx

Hi and welcome to the forums,

You need to uninstall the Firewall part of Avira Security Suite(so your basically left with Avira Premium) and then install Comodo.
Ask in the Avira forum on the best way to remove the firewall.