Need help with driver installation

Okay, so I just reformatted my grandmother’s pc. Only after I have done so did I realize that she was not given the motherboard’s driver cds. :frowning:

I checked the device manager and there were only 3 lacking drivers. Unfortunately, these were the network ones which made me unable to connect to the internet. These were the SMBus driver, Lan controller and another one I forgot.

I searched for hours and found the supposed drivers for my nForce 630i/GeForce 7100. However, when I installed it, the lan controller remained uninstalled.

To be exact, I still need to install the nVidia mcp73 lan controller.

I have searched almost all google pages and still haven’t found the driver.

Maybe anyone here can help, it will be greatly appreciated. (I use internet in a separate desktop)

Here you can auto detect and download your drivers

I can’t connect to the internet on that pc. I am using a different one to download drivers and then transfer it via flash drive.

Problem solved. Please close.