Need help with Defense + Alert

I am getting very frustrated with Comodo Defense + Alert due to the non-stop alerts. I read each alert to make sure they are new alerts, which some are, but most of the time they just repeat themselves even when I click for it to remember my answer. I also can’t get it to stop alerting me if I abort/cancel a download. The constant popping up alerts makes me want to delete this program and my husband wants to toss the whole computer he gets so mad. This issue has become more than annoying. I don’t know a lot about this type of software (my mother installed it on here a while back and she doesn’t live in the same state to help me through this). Is there anything I can do or try to decrease the quantity of alerts I receive? I have heard and read this is supposed to be a very good program but frankly I don’t need this headache and have no problem uninstalling it. I would appreciate any advice anyone may have to offer. Thanks.

Alerts are to make sure it’s your action every time,not malware’s,trojans ,you can click Allow once just by mistake,so it’s for your added/extra safety.
And Just clicking Allow button by mouse,touch pad for 1 sec doesn’t consume much effort or time either.
So stop moaning :wink:
And never depend on your mother to get a pc solution,learn some trouble shooting yourself from the online support forums.
And tell your husband not to get mad in such simple matters,take him to the doctor if necessary or may be yourself also! :wink: ;D
What more do you expect from a free full AV suite and its support??? ;D
Comodo is just a genius in todays commercial world! :slight_smile:

What mode are you running in? In Safe Mode you should be getting very few alerts.

To add to HeffeD’s advice. Safe Mode can be set under Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings for the D+ part. Setting the Firewall part to Safe Mode can be done under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour settings.

Can you also look under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations which one is active? Please let us know.

First of all, San95, my mother knows a LOT about computers which is why I had her set mine up for me when she came up for a visit and I trust her. I didn’t ask for sarcastic comments about my husband or myself, I asked for help and a little guidance. I know what the software is and what it’s supposed to do. I just don’t know much about how all of the settings should be or what levels I really nead.

Thank you, HeffeD and EricJH for your advise. It is much appreciated. ;D Ok, I just checked and Firewall Security Level was already set on Safe Mode and I changed Defense+Security Level to Safe Mode (it was on Training Mode). I haven’t changed anything else. Is there anything I else I should check or change?

Thanks again.

Which configuration is checked?

I don’t have a “Configuration” option under anything. Where can I find it?

Right click the CIS Tray icon.

(In lower right corner of the screen.)