Need Help with CPF 3

I see windows Operating system over and over again in my logs

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I see this in my logs too…

CGPMaster, Josh123, this isn’t too much of a problem unless it really annoys you or is hindering your computer. In the latest patch (I think you guys have installed it, or at least am assuming for this post) the developers have changed scvhost (i think) to Windows Operating System. This is why you’re now seeing Windows Operating System. I’ll look up the rest of the info. and how to get around it.

This information should be of some use. It talks about editing the rules to avoid seeing redundant logs of svchost and since this is just svchost with another name it should work (sorry, I’m not all that technical when it comes to rules, etc.);msg104806#msg104806 (this one is linked to in the post above)

Please let me know if this helps or if you need more assistance. I’ll try my best and get it for you.


I Dont Understand These Threads…srry

i think we shouldn’t worry about that. no big deal.