Need help with Comodo & Xbox Live! [Resolved]

Hello everyone. I’m having a hard time with configuring my Comodo properly.

You see, I’ve made sure that my PC and Xbox Live work together. I’m using a NIC card with a RJ45 cable running to my console and this method, along with ICS, seems to work like a charm. After all the time I spent into fiddling around with it and getting it to work. Anyway, changed from Sunbelt Personal Firewall to Comodo in hope of some help as there really weren’t many Sunbelt communities out there.

The flaw is simply this; I can’t get my firewall to accept XBL’s traffic through. Immediately as I shut down Comodo, the connection begins to work wonderfully, until I get trojans and all sh*t into my computer. So, hopefully it’s just bad configuration from my behalf. So far I’ve used this tutorial to help me:

I think I’ve input all those correctly, here are my current settings though:

The two highest ones are the zone settings, and the two lowest ones should be the port settings. Anything visibly wrong? Would be really nice to get some help on this matter, can’t have my computers crawl with viruses every time I’d want to use XBL. :cry:


It was only a matter of defining a trusted Zone for my NIC card as well… hopefully it’d work from now on!

Problem Solved
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