Need help with Comodo Website filter ( Blocking pornographic website )

If you’re asking how to import it then you could use the web filter feature to import hosts (txt). Downside, you can’t refresh the list as far as I know. Never used it.
It would probably reduce the performance of CIS / slow down your computer and/or connection. Depends on file size.

Ok, I will keep using the HOSTS file with Hosts Xpert. The updates are not that often and can easily be done with Hosts Xpert. Might be worth noticing, since I started using the HOSTS file surfing has become much faster and I see 99% less adds without having to load NoScript or AdBlock Plus. Thought CIS or CFW can also do this but do understand this is better done on a system level rather than with the software firewall to not put too much strain on the system.

Last thought, could a HOSTS file be included in the router to actually filter out bad/add hosts BEFORE they are being diverted by the system, this could ideally put MUCH less load on the system, no? Any one know of a router that supports importing a HOSTS file?