Need help with Comodo Internet Security Preimum

I need help with CIS Premium when I watch a movie or video clip, or even when my computer is idle doing nothing. My cpu usage goes from idle between 50% to 100%, and my HDD disk usage goes crazy & won’t stop. So my question is why is this happening to me when I just did a reinstall of XP Home SP3 32bit?

First you had better start the Task Manager when you have such high CPU usage and determine what processes consume most of CPU.

sure it cmdagent.exe & so I don’t know what is causing cmdagent,exe for high cpu & disk usage.

I have somewhat similar issue and I’m not sure if this is normal. I have this issue where after starting a program, in this case PSP9, CPU usage goes pretty high (keep in mind than I have i7-3770K so ~10% would be nearing 40%-50% on dual core machine). It stays there for around one minute without any visible reason. I turned D+ off just to see if that was the one causing issues (well, it did make launching applications much faster) but apparently it does not cause this.


OS: Windows 8 Pro x64, windows defender is disabled. Comodo antivirus module is set to stateful.

Hi speedy45 and Anarion,
Do you have any other Antimalware programs running possibly conflicting?
Please try the corresponding removal tools if available for any previously installed Antimalware programs in case of any left over remains.
Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software

I was using Windows Defender before but I have disabled it. Before Windows Defender I used Avast Internet Security though I have completely removed it back then. I do have MBAM (free) installed but that shouldn’t cause any issues what so ever.

Correct Malwarebytes free should not cause any issues, it is a good complimentary program IMO.

Please check here for a possible solution.

If CIS continues to use excessive amounts of system resources, please check to see if any malware is present.
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

well guys I only CIS Premium install but yes I do have Malwarebytes free installl but I will check if my pc is infected, and let you know. So I did the full scan from CIS with nothing found, & Malwarebytes did the full scan and found nothing at all.

well my was solve, I had to uninstall it & reinstall it, so thanks. Also I like to add to my new problem is CIS free is not blocking hackers from closing my pc games, so let me know?

Whaaaat? Are you sure you just do no have stability issues with your PC?

no why my pc is a fresh installing of XP Home SP3 32bit. Also my pc cpu is not overclock at all, and my gpu is overclocking a bt from the following but it stable for sure:

Core Clock default: 775MHZ
Overclock Core Clock: 850MHZ

Memory Clock default: 1000MHZ
Overclock Core Clock: 1050MHZ

This is gpu overclock gpu for sure.
This overclock is from Catalyst Control Center AMD Overdrive.
I did test this overclock & it very stable.

My first, second, third, fourth and fifth action would be to investigate system stability before going to assume hackers are taking down my games. Especially without providing evidence of strange network traffic.

Did you check if there are known stability issues with these games on XP SP3? Are you running the latest Direct X and the latest drivers for your sound and video card and network adapter?

yes I do have the latest direct x & latest drivers for everything, since I have a software to check that out, and it said that I have the latest drivers installed.