Need help with Comodo and uTorrent

Hi All. I’m new here, and I really need help with setting up Comodo Firewall and uTorrent. I’ve spent days trying to get this to work. I’ve read this guide from the FAQs section,
and have tried to do what pandlouk and Ragwing have suggested, and yet I still have trouble.

I cannot get uTorrent to say my connection is OK (I get the Yellow ! triangle instead of the green check)…and my download speeds are horrid (about 5-10 KB/s). It says “No incoming connections.”

Ok, first a bit of background:
All this work is for a spare computer I am trying to make as a downloader and home file server. My network is based off of a Westell Versalink 327w modem/wireless router, but my computer is connected through a Linksys WRT-54G running DD-WRT in wireless bridge mode on the Westell network.

Everything else runs great with Comodo Firewall 3. I can share files with my network, go on the web, etc. But for some reason uTorrent refuses to work with it.

I am running Comodo Firewalll 3, uTorrent (1.7.7) and Vidalia ( (which is Tor and Privoxy). My Utorrent is configured to go through Vidalia, but I know this is not the problem, because uTorrent still stalls when I make it directly connect.

I have forwarded uTorrent’s ports in my Westell to my computer (and I know I’ve done this right because I did it for my laptop and desktop and they work perfectly). I thought I had to forward the ports in my Linksys too, but I learned that since it is only a bridge, all port forwarding is done through my Westell. I tried directly connecting the computer to the Westell directly (reforwarding ports to new static IP address etc), and I got a green sign for about a minute, until it reverted back to its old yellow sign. So I know the problem isn’t with the Linksys bridge.

The combination of Utorrent/Tor/Privoxy works great on my desktop and laptop…I get high speeds (around 300KB/s), but on those computers, I have Norton Internet Security 2008.

Ok so as I said before, I’ve tried everything mentioned in the guide. At first I tried pandlouk’s rules, implemeted them exactly, and that didn’t work (even added the extra DNS rule). So I tried Ragwing’s rules. Those didn’t work either. I looked at how I configured NIS 2008 on my other computers, and found that the rules are very similar to Ragwing’s (NIS had the extra DNS rule too).

What confuses me is that uTorrent says there are no incoming connections…yet Comodo is saying there are many allowed TCP/UDP connections coming into my uTorrent port (which were all blocked until I added Ragwing’s global rule of
Allow TCP OR UDP In From IP Any To [Your MAC/IP] Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is In [uTorrent port]
and then Comodo started allowing).

If someone could please give me a helping hand that would be great, and I’d be glad to provide more info if needed.

Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy post and thanks for helping! :-TU

–Raytheon :slight_smile:

What are your global rules? Did you use the stealth port wizard and select the second option for P2P? Your using NIS and Comodo. So you using 2 firewalls? Is that right.

My Global Rules are:
In this order:

Action is ALLOW with protocol TCP OR UDP IN with source ANY, destination ANY, source port ANY, and destination port [uTorrent’s port] (without this rule, Comodo blocks all incoming TCP/UDP connections. with this, Comodo allows it all, but uTorrent still says no incoming connections)

Then there are 4 rules regarding my local network so I can file share (I didn’t think I needed to give details on these?)

and finally I have:

Action is BLOCK with protocol ICMP IN with Source ANY, destination ANY, and ICMP Details ICMP ECHO REQUEST

That is all I have for my global rules.

Yes I did use the wizard. The “Stealth on case-by-case basis” right? I just selected that option and clicked Finish…thats all I had to do for that part correct?

Nah, sorry if I was unclear. I have 3 computers: one main desktop, one laptop, and a spare desktop. I am working on the spare computer. My Main desktop and my laptop have NIS 2008, while the spare has Comodo 3. All 3 computers have uTorrent/Vidalia, but uTorrent only works on the computers with NIS. This is how I know my problem is with Comodo.

Thanks for all the help!

BUMP Please


Very important: Does utorrent work with green checkmark if firewall and defense+ are set to “disabled” mode, while cfp.exe (GUI) is running in memory?

Do you have windows built-in firewall disabled (please verify this)? If not, disable it.

Use script from this thread to create report. Make sure optimum security is selected in CFP (miscellaneous tab), run script with settings like on screenshot. Post report here or PM it to me. I’ll try to help.

Also, if you have related (verify by time) entries under firewall/defense+ log, post a screenshot here.

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be careful in the utorrent option
you should have un checked the option randomize the port of torrent start
this makes me a bad trip

Thanks for responding!

Unfortunately, when I set everything to “Disabled,” I still get the yellow ! icon. I don’t know whats going on anymore! Why does everything work for my other computers, but not this one? I ran a port test from, and it said my port was stealthed? I don’t get it because I selected the case-by-case basis in Comodo…though I have never gotten a notification about ports from Comodo before.
GRC | ShieldsUP! — Single Port Probe  

ok Anyways yes I verified and my Windows firewall is and has been off.

Ok Thanks. I’ll PM it.

Attached is the screenshot of my firewall log.

Yeah I have had that unchecked. But should I also uncheck “Enable NAT-PMP Port Mapping”? I unchecked that before but it didn’t change anything.

Thanks for all the help guys!

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i did not understand
with the firewall disabled utorrent has a the yellow icon?

have this option protocol encryption disabled?

you can do this test , download a another FAST torrent (like for example download ubuntu (linux) and see if the icon become gree)

or try to disable defend+ and with taskmenager kill the process of comodo
e see what happen with utorrent

Sorry, i cannot help in this case. It is starting point to find solution: if everything to “Disabled” and utorrent doesn’t work, i don’t know how to fix it.

I have the same problem, but with one difference:

If I disable the firewall, I do get a green tick in uTorrent, and incoming connections are working fine. But if I change the firewall to “Train with Safe Mode”, then it doesn’t work - no incoming connections.

I have uTorrent set up in the firewall “Allow TCP or UDP In from Any to IP Any where source port is ANY and destination port is XXXXX”.

Any ideas why this doesn’t work? (and what to do?)



Run the stealth port wizard and select the P2P option.