need help with CIS

I am running XP 32 bits sp3
downloaded a free CIS AV and FW n(cispremium_installer_x86)
The instalation went well.
the program innitiated,
but I have not been able to innitiate a scan I get an “error 0x80004002”
The Defense+ is not functioning properly is what it says in the left side of every page
I did a “Run diagnostics” it did not find any problems with the installation.
I don’t know if this matter, but it says that "The virus database has been updated on never updated is that a contradiction that matters???
I tried to do an update in “More” it says that “your product is currently up to date.”

What have I done wrong???
I would greatly appreciate the help.
Thank you in advance.

Which version do you have installed?

If it is V5 then I would advise reinstalling it using the methods described here.

Yes, this is Version 5 and this is the first ver. on this computer
This is the second time I download, install this csipremium_installer_x86 and yes this is aggravating!!! >:(
I have the same problems.
I download what is suppose to be a Fire Wall, a Anti Virus and a Defense + and the only thing that works is the firewall.
updater error 0x80072ee7
antivirus Never updated update failed Error code 0x80004002. No such interface supported.
The Defence + is not functioning properly (is what is written in the left hand side on all pages) did a “Run Diagnostics” and I get “The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your instalation.”

I’m just going to say **** it delete everything and try the standalones cav and cfw,
thank you to those that tried…