need help with BulletProofFTP

My partner & I recently installed Comodo on our WinXP computers and have been generally happy with it, but we are having some problems.

I’m at home and she’s at work trying to access her computer through FTP and also VNC, both of which Comodo is blocking even though both are in the application list as OK. FTP is listening through port 443, which is allowed incoming, and that part works fine. I have added network rules also (seems kinda stupid & redundant to need both application rules and network rules, if an application is given a rule, the network should automatically accept that) and while she can log into her FTP, she can’t get anything sent out to her.

I even made a rule allowing all TCP out but the log is still showing the block rule firing, blocking her computer from sending anything out (and yes, the block rule is at the very bottom of the rule list).

So what do we need to do to allow FTP out? I didn’t have this problem with other firewalls (like ZoneAlarm) once an application was OKed, it worked (of course ZA gave me daily BSODs so, there was that…)

and what about VNC? why is that blocked as well? I have made rules that should be allowing the right ports but Comodo seems to be being overly protective. I don’t mind overly protective, but I do mind when it won’t back off when I tell it to.

Hi, Dragonsdream,

I had problem with Bulletproof FTP and Comodo before.
I looked through the FAQ and find out I have to set the FTP server to passive mode n order to get it work.

In Bulletproof -->Main–>Multi IP Settings/ Passive Mode.
Choose the IP options and Set a Passive Port.
Then go back to Comodo and add a TCP in rule for that port.

Everything just works fine . Hope it works for you too.

This is a thread that talks about it,1730.0.html