need help using DOSBOX [locked]

hi it’s me again ;D
as the title said, now i’m trying to get this DOSBOX to run.

i’ve downloaded DOSBOX 0.73 & its frontend: Loonies’ DOS SHELL.
the application is located on the network drive (screenshots attached).

well, i can tell you the steps (i call it click-click job) i took to try to get it to run, but it won’t be any use. i failed miserably.

so can any of you pls help me? :a0

i need to run the dang ND95.bat >:-D

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Your MSpaint skillz suxxx.

I can’t help you. Just thought I’d post the above :-*

hmmffttt >:(

I’m not sure Dosbox supports IP networking. It does support IPX and you could do things that way, but It would be too hard.

Best way of using dosbox to access this file is first to mount the share containing the application, for example:

Your application is on \serverx\application

Open a command prompt and type

net use x: \serverx\application

you will be prompted for a username and password.

Once you have mounted the share, you will see a new drive icon in My Computer (x:) Now on your local hard drive create a new folder, call it what ever you want, lets say it’s called abc. and it’s a subdirectory of the C:\ drive (c:\abc)

Open dosbox and type: mount x c:\abc

This should mount the contents of the mapped network drive x: to a local folder c:\abc. You can now try running the program…

If you want to give virtualbox another try, make sure the VM is set to NAT and start the VM. n the server that contains the application you are trying to access, make sure the folder is shared and make sure you know the ip address of the server.

In the VM open a command prompt and type:

net use x: \ip address of server\share name

That should mount the folder to x:, now you can try running the application from there.


wow, seem like to know everything ;D
i’ll try those.

any idea what should i do with this front end (DOS SHELL)?
i don’t even know how to open command promt. is it cmd.exe or you mean i should try it in DOSBOx?

By command prompt I’m referring to using the start menu/run/cmd.exe

I don’t think you need thr front end for what you need to do, you’re only creating a path for access, so just install dosbox and run it from the shortcut.