Need help uninstalling CTM on dual boot system

Hello - I installed CTM 6-8 months ago on a dual boot computer using WinXP Pro 32bit & Vista HP 64bit. Installed ok & didn’t seem to affect either op system in any negative way.
Just last week I defragged XP using an old version of PerfectDisk. Then my problems began.
In XP CTM popped up a message about not enough freespace & I kept getting wierd error messages from installed programs (LOTS of error messages). Didn’t know what to do so I rebooted into Vista just so I could use my computer normally. Vista worked ok. I then tried to open CTM on Vista & was told there was a new version of CTM so I D/Led & installed it.
After the update I could no longer open CTM on Vista. At some point during many reboots I entered the console of CTM during a reboot and deleted a bunch of restore points & made a new baseline, which seemed to solve my XP low disk space problem.
I could use XP normally again.
However; I figured I should update CTM in XP because maybe that was why I couldn’t get it to run in Vista. I now cannot open CTM in XP and so I can’t even update CTM.
I tried D/Ling newest version of CTM & installing that on XP but that doesn’t work as it tells me CTM is already installed.
Right now I can still dual boot into either operating system & both seem to work ok but I can’t get CTM to run on either.
I am thinking I should uninstall CTM before I run into more problems & also because I do use Acronis True Image 9.0 and have been seeing other posts on this forum about conflicts with that & defraggers.
I have no idea how to SAFELY uninstall this on my system and would really appreciate any help you could give me.

There are a lot of threads saying that defragmentation tools run against of you if you’re using CTM, as each file rearrangement generates a bigger snapshot. The real file stay there and the disk writes are redirected to other part of the disk (free space where the snapshots are stored).

Hope any other more experienced user could help you on uninstalling.

Thanks Tech - gotta go to work now so it might be a day or so till I get back here.