Need help uninstalling CFP

Hi everyone new user here with a problem I could use some help with I downloader the comodo firewall on my vista 64 bit desktop computer and could not connect to the internet I use a kyocrea kpc680 aircard that dials my local cellular phone company and I receive my EVDO broadband siginal via their tower.I uninstalled and tried to reinstall the CFP and this time my computer locked up and froze I had to power off and when the system rebooted I deciided to just unistall the firewall…using the windows vista uninstaller I removed the comodo program but I still have comodo folders in my C:\ that I can’t remove. The two folders are firewall file folders and safesurf C:\programfiles\comodo\safesurf\cssurf.exe I’ve downloaded the and when I ran the batch files I get a system error 5 message has occurred access is denied and after restarting my computer I checked my c: drive and still have the comodo folders and files in my computer >:(can any help me remove help me remove these comodo folders and files from my computer I’ve tried a system restore point at a earlier point before the download but it didn’t work other than doing a full system restore is their anything I can do?

Did you follow all the steps in this post?

You can also try reinstalling Comodo then use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode. I use Revo all time and it works great.

Yes I followed the steps in the batch edit and remembered I didn’t turn off the windows firewall and tried the batch edit again and got the same error message and access is denied.I also noticed the comodo firewall is marked as being on in the windows security setting…How’s that happen when the program was suppose to be unistalled… I don’t feel comfortable messing around with the registry I’m just a novice ordinary computer user and don’t feel I should have to read throught 20 pages techinal mumbo Jumbo and jump through hoops just to get some help because a software companys hidden program files left behind on my computer. Yes I did download the revo uninstaller but it doesn’t show any comodo program to remove. Sheez!.. if I’d would have known I’d have this much trouble removing left behind program files I would have never installed the comodo software on my computer. (:SAD)

What’s your OS? What other Security Software do you have installed?


Try what I said. Reinstall Comodo then use Revo. I am not a computer trech either but if you follow those steps it will work. Also the security center is a well known bug and happens with all programs. Happened to me when I uninstalled Kaspersky.