Need help understanding "My Pending Files"

In #54 on this page:

I read that “My Pending Files” is a list of files that have been added, modified or deleted. What’s not clear to me is:

  1. Is COMODO simply alerting me to that fact? I assume it did go ahead and let the add, modify or delete happen, right?

  2. I use AVG for my anti-virus program. There are always entries for the virus definitions update files. The name changes with each update, of course. How can I tell COMODO that any file being added to the AVG directory is ok so it doesn’t keep adding it to my pending files list?

Pending files is part of D+ and not the firewall. Put D+ in Safe Mode then you do not have to worry about pending files anymore.

Pending file are new files that Dfense + doesn’t know/trust
So, if you want Defense + to trust those files you need to move them to ‘My Own Safe Files’
By doing this Defense + will learn all the actions made by that file

If you don’t care, remove them of the list and then every action made by a file that goes against Defense + rules, Defense + will ask you what to do

If you don’t trust them move to ‘My own block files’