NEED HELP ----- Unauthorized port is open, how do I close and stealth?

My spyblaster settings kept changing so I did a free virus scan through the Symantec website. After the malicious software scan, it said I was in danger of a trojan horse attack because my port # 4567 (filenail) was open. All the other ports that it checked were stealthed. The antivirus scan came back perfectly clean.

I looked through all the port settings and I can’t figure out how to check that port, or how to close and stealth it like all the others. Please help, thanks.

Hi lastcall555,

You should run another check at somewhere like shields-up or pc-flank, if only for confirmation. One other thing, Spyeareblaster bas a number of conflicts with other products, these conflicts quite often result in items becoming ‘unprotected’ in spywareblaster.

if I remember correctly, the spywareblaster thread at Wilders has numerous questions regarding this issue.

Hi Quill,

Both PC flank and sheilds-up confirm that the port is open. If I use the “stealth ports to everyone” setting, nothing changes.

I’ve used spywareblaster for a couple of years at least and I’ve never had any issues with it. I’ve thought from the very beginning that it works well because I noticed that it stops all of the little bugs that use to slip through before its installation. I’d find these little bugs during different scans and remove them. After Spywareblaster, the little bugs stopped completely.

I can’t see how spywareblaster would cause one port to open in the firewall and leave all the other tested ones stealthed. The firewall configuration should allow me to control my own ports. The firewall that I used before Comodo had easy port controls. It seems that Comodo has zero port controls. If the controls are there, I can’t figure out how to use them.

If ANYONE has a clue, please help me out. Thanks.


I’ll check the thread at Wilders tomorrow but I seriously doubt that spywareblaster is responsible. Does anyone else come up with an open 4567 port during a scan?

Hi, Sorry I wasn’t inferring that Spywareblaster is the cause of the port being seen as open, just that some programs, such as Spybot cause spywareblaster to change its protection.

To find out if there is an active process listening on your open port, they this. Open a command prompt any enter:

netstat -o -n -a | findstr 0.0:4567

If there is something listening (which as far as I know is the only way a port can be see as open) then the result will look like the following:

TCP              LISTENING       1232
UDP          *:*                                    1232

Disregard the 61521, that’s just a port on my system that I know is open.

What you’re interested in is the number at the end (1232) this is the Process ID (PID) you can now use task manager or process explorer to identify which process it is.

Are you behind a router?

Thanks for the info Quill. I’ve run a check similar to this already. I’ve been doing research online and I think I know where the problem is. There’s a very good chance that the firewall IS NOT at fault. I won’t go into specifics until I know for sure where the source of the problem is.

For the next several days, I’m going to work on the problem outside of this board. I’ll report back when I have more information. Thanks for your help.

No router but I think I have a lead on where the problem is. I’ll update this thread in several days. Thanks.