Need help to open port

Hi! :wink:

I need to open port 24316 for uTorrent.

So, on my Router the rules are ok bur in comodo I try many times but nothing, the port results closed!!

I’ve Comodo Firewall 4

Pls explain me the steps.

Thx so much!


We need to check two things here

  1. Global rules to see if there is access allowed to TCP/UPD in on port 24316
  2. Check the uTorrent Application rule to see if it’s set to Trusted Application.

Can you open the firewall, advanced, network security policy and switch to the Global Rules TAB.
Now Add a rule

Source ANY
Source port ANY
Destination ANY
Destination Port = 24316

Apply this rule and make sure it’s above “Block & Log IP in ANY ANY”
(Please remember if you run Stealth Ports Wizard after this you’ll lose the rule, cause Stealth Ports Wizard resets global rules).

Now switch back to the Application TAB and find uTorrent.
Set it to predefined policy “Trusted Application” and Apply the policy.

This should fix your issues.