need help(something simple)

i play a game, it has an anti-cheat program.(file name is xxd-0.xem)
every time i launch the game comodo scans it and find it safe,(i can see it in “blocked intrusions”)
I’d like to tell comodo the file is fine by me so it wont get scanned each time.(it might launch the game faster.)
can’t find any white list.(i think i found some, but not sure which one is the appropriate one).
Thanks in advance.

Open up advanced settings click file rating and then file list, search for the program by clicking the magnifying icon that at the top inside the file path column. Once you find your program, double click on it and go to the file rating tab and under my rating choose trusted, Ok out all windows.

Does the name of the executable change every time you start it?

thanks for the replies.

I’ve done as you said and it’s already Trusted, and since the program name is XIGNCODE, I’ve searched for all the related files under this program,and they were Trusted too.(there was one more:xm.exe)

it’s always the same path with same file.(xxd-0.xem)