Need help setting up the comodo firewall [RESOLVED]

installed the firewall with avg antivirus and the comodo firewall is asking me do i want to allow this and that. To be honest i dont know cause it tells me it is unsafe to do so but it has to do with microsoft or startup applications etc. is there a way i can set it so a donkey like me can understand it. also where ther was pictures before there is now little boxes with a red square, green circle and a blue triangle.


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I read you have some trouble understanding the alerts the comodo firewall gives you…

Well with the firewall you have to kind of alerts:

  • firewall alerts
  • Defense + alerts (this is HIPS → HOST INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM)

Every alert has a description so you can make a decision more easily, read the descriptions and choose if you wish to block or allow…

If you do not wish to handle a lot of alerts, set your firewall alert level to training mode and the defense + security level to clean pc mode, this is recommended if you know your pc is clean…

after a period of time, you can set the firewall security level a bit higher, let us say, safe mode for example…

I do not really understand what you mean with:

  • a red square
  • green circle
  • blue triangle

You have to expand more on this…

Also on this forums, you can find guides and faq’s so you can learn to operate the firewall…
Look also in the Miscellaneous section of your firewall installation, there you can find helpfiles that can help answer you questions…

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Hello to you too and thank you for the speedy response, i set the to training mode and clean pc mode. the coloured shapes i was talking about are pictures that have been blocked by the firewall, it blocked a script that was trying to run and i ended up not able to view pictures or links unless i right click and select show pictures. any way i can reverse this ???

Also there is 12 files waiting for review, these are all from AVG antivirus, do i add these to my safe file or purge(???)
or close my eyes and hope they go away ;D

Once again thank you for the assistance, Much appreciated


If the firewall has blocked something, you can look in the policies of the firewall component and in the policies of the defense + component… and change how the firewall must react the next time.

Here is how you do that for the firewall:

go to the firewall tab ==> click on advanced ==> click on network security policy ==> review here the applications that are blocked or that have been set to another kind of predefined security policy…

you can edit every application here that you want to edit…

for the defense + component:

click on the defense + tab ==> click on the advanced tab ==> click on computer security policy ==> review here all the applications that are blocked and click on the application, you wish to change it predefined security policy…

You can also look in the logs to see what is blocked… and then you can change according to the guidelines I wrote above…

as for the pending files

this is a tool to help comodo expand its growing database for the HIPS module and CAVS (antivirus/antimalware) module…

This is how I handle this function:

1: click on purge (remove files not existing on your system)
2: click on look up (check if the files collected by Defense + are safe or not…)
3: remove (remove files you know are safe/or do not need to be watched by defense +
4: add yourself to your safe files… ( you can do this if you know the files are 100% safe…)

okey, hope this has helped you!

have a nice day!


Thanks Darth,

that worked fine. Problem solved.

NO problem! Any time! (:WIN)

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