Need help setting up network rules for gaming!

OK, Hello everyone, I would appreciate it if someone could help me understand how to make a Comodo trust zone? And/or setup a tight security for one of the games I’m playing that involves online multiplier action. After looking through w/e topics and post I could find that would help narrow down my problem. I find it in this thread which I’ll post a link too so you can get a better understanding of what I’m trying to do. It’s hard for me to explain it my self. That and I’m still new to using Comodo, but I’m not using the 4.0 version of CIS just the 3.14th version of CIS.

Link to other post= gaming rules for firewall « Reply #9 on: August 21, 2006, 12:19:43 AM » that post, If I could quote it I would sry. Even though the entire thread is much related to my question.
I know that Comodo firewall v2 is discontinued but I believe sense it has been integrated into CIS the same method would apply for creating network rules and policies in future CIS versions.

OK so basically I’m trying to figure out how to configure a network rule for a game I play online that’s called Wolfteam. xD the bad thing about this game is there not using any servers to host games there using each others pc’s to host the game rooms, so yeah I feel it’s not very secure. Of course if you asked what ports there using it’s on a P2P basis’s in order for that to work.

In Firewall, advanced options, network security policies, I don’t see any option to customize the ports in application rules, but in Global rules there’s port customizing options. Which I guess where the Comodo trusted network is established?

When I checked the application rules. for the game it said,
Allow IP In From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any
Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any
So ones going in the other out, still to looks like I’m just leaving the door wide up because I haven’t configured it yet. Although I have set wolfteam.bin to trusted application because it’s the launcher and annoying to just have it “ask me” to launcher every time. I don’t see any harm in it’s design until it connects to internet where it has a questionable networking system. I haven’t heard of anyone getting viruses through gaming connections, but I’m aware there is a risk of ip hijacking and or dos attack if your not careful. Because I’m connecting to random ip’s which is hosting a game room, comodo complains when I have to enter and course their IP show’s up during a firewall alert. Which I’m pretty sure is not Wolfteam’s remote IP. So I’m trying to tighten up security and stuff. Please help if you know how.

All I know is this game uses 3 different ports to connect.
Ports: 27888, 8500 and 40708
I’m only using 1 pc instead of 3 pc’s and supposing my IP is static, How would I set this up? Application and global rule?

Action :
Protocol :
Direction :
Source IP :
Remote IP :
Source Port :
Remote Port :

The application rule will handle outbound requests, but you need to set up network rules to handle the inbound traffic. I’d also make a ZONE called WOLFTEAM and include the required ports.

Action :ALLOW
Protocol :TCP or UDP
Direction :IN
Source IP :ANY
Remote IP :ANY
Source Port : ANY
Remote Port : ZONE (WOLFTEAM)

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

so OK 1st, I have to go in to my ports add the 3 ports that the game uses.
2nd, go to [my networks] and add a network zone (wolfteam zone) by adding just the games ip address, because it wont let me set any port numbers in that option and what if there IP is dynamic?.
3rd, go to [global rules] and add a (Wolfteam global) network rule tcp/udp, in or out and set destination address [zone], (Wolfteam zone) and then with set of ports in destination ports area add those 3 specific ports. For that to be an official trust zone?
4th, then apply that (Wolfteam global) with the ports added to the [application rule] of the Wolfteam launcher, direction in and out, or just out?

In the application rules, both connecting to the game are now,
launcher.exe, has 2 rules, going in and out allowing.
wolfteam.bin has 2 rules going in and out allowing.

I’m trying to understand please help.