need help setting up firewall to block all connections but VPN

Im trying to setup my firewall so that it only allows applications to make an internet connection through a VPN. So that first off only the vpn is used, and second off so that if the VPN gets disconnected again no access to internet.

ive setup some firewall rules to try and accomplish this

basically i setup an network zone using the MAC address of the vpn network.

Then i created a predefined policy which consists of 3 rules

rule 1= allow-IP-IN- source any - destination network zone VPNMAC - ip protocal any
rule 2= allow-IP-OUT- source network zone VPNMAC - destination any - ip protocal any
rule 3=block-IP-IN/OUT-source any-destination any- Ip protocal any

then i add this policy to whatever application i want to follow this , the problem is that it blocks all access to the internet. In the logs it appears that the firewall is blocking a connection source with destination, when i make a rule to allow this connection i can connect both connected and disconnected from the VPN so that voids the purpose of these rules.

Can someone please help me fix this problem?

Hi hollyberrys,

This post;msg333001#msg333001 may help you solve your problem.