Need Help !!!! [Self-Resolved]

Hey guys
Recently,about 1 day ago, I had a 5 seconds electricity shutdown and restart.
Following that and since then I am unable to access website with any of the browsers.Every other website I have tried is working without any problems
The only way I can access that website is thru a proxy.
I am running out of ideas as to why or how to correct that.
Any suggestions?ideas?

I am using XP Pro with Avast as anti-virus and Comodo as Firewall


Have you tried deleting all your cookies and cache. Have you tried looking in your logs for something that is being blocked? Are you sure its not Avast’s web shield? I can access that site just fine.

It’s not Avast’s Web Shield :wink: Did you check your Hosts file ???

Greetz, Red.

Strangely,out of nowhere, that site is working again.
No idea what happened