need help "repairing" pc after removing comodo firewall

Hiya o/

for the sake of old days, i’ve installed comodo firewall (free) on my rig. first thing noticed: my download speeds dropped from avg 100MB/s (gigabit connection/wired) to about 20-22MB/s. when checking and etc, it shows full speeds, try downloading something from steam,, origin, epic launcher or anywhere else - i get 20-22MB/s. if i pause the download and connect to nordvpn, my speeds jump to 60-70 (for a vpn, not that bad imho).

after some time and faq reading, decided that this not going to work and uninstalled it via “add/remove”. nothing has changed. speeds were as before uninstalling comodo.

since, i’ve tried the comodo removal tool, heck even went manually hunting for leftovers of the firewall in files and in registry.
i’ve tried uninstalling network adapter (with the tick to remove drivers, too) and whatever else - nothing seems to work. HALP! i don’t want to be reinstalling windows just to get rid of software that was supposed to make my life “safer” online.

Hi Xamiakas,

Thank you for reporting, could you please check your inbox for pm and respond ?


right, totally forgot about this post, after resolving the issue. it was not comodo. seems like, the issue was netgear r7000’s router firmware fail, that took place at the same time… as in within a day or two of removing the comodo firewall (free).

thank you COMODO team for helping me out through the steps and apologies for the noise.