Need Help - proxified utorrent via network zone to VPN only

Let me explain yes… I have a VPN account which handles all my internet traffic. I use VISOCITY app to log into the vpn etc.

I also have an unlimited anon torrent proxy that is used exclusively for torrents/utorrent. This torrent vpn has it’s own log in/pass etc.

I’ve been using the regular VPN plus the proxified utorrent together and all was working fine. I then followed this guide Setup Comodo Firewall to make applications use VPN only | Stuff that might be helpful (or not) and this is where the problems began. I created the network zone and it works as intended. Any application I assign the network zone rule only connects to internet if VPN is active. However, my proxified utorrent DOES not work. see attached images. All I want to do is have my utorrent which logs into a different VPN to only work/connect whenever my windows VPN is online. Please help me :slight_smile:

Global Rules

VPN Network Zone

VPN Only Rule

uTorrent Rules

When I assigned utorrent.exe the VPN Only Rule. All I get from utorrent is this

The above 3 uTorrent Rules were for testing purposes… none seem to work when assigned to utorrent.exe. All this on WIN7 with windows firewall disabled. Thanks for reading