need help!! plzz reply!!!!

for the first time i have got a router. Belkin G Wireless Router F5D7234-4 v3. i tried a lot setting it up but failed. so i am here to get help from you expert frds.

Dell Laptop (got in the year 2006)
Win XP SP3 (with latest updates)
internet explorer 8
Comodo Internet Security and WOT (the only realtime security software installed)
free SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes (ondemand only)

i have 2 mbps local cable net connection. the internet wire is directly connected to the computer. the internal LAN card is damaged so i use external LAN card. internet connection icon on the desktop i.e to connect to the net double click the icon and username and password. there is some MAC attached also i.e i have 2 laptops. both have the connection setup installed. if i shift the connection from one laptop to other i have to inform the service provider coz he said he have to change the MAC. the Belkin Router came with a CD and a yellow wire. 4 grey ports and 1 yellow port is there. grey ports are labelled 1 wired, 2 wired, 3 wired and 4 wired and yellow port is labelled modem. other side is labelled modem, power, security, wireless, internet and wired. a reset button and antennae is there. i tried both, automatic and manual setup but failed. i am new to router so plzz try to take some time from your precious time for me and guide me step by step (each and every possible little things) in setting up the router correctly and connecting to the net. waiting for your help…


When using a cable connection your connection gets identified by the MAC address of your network card. When you change your network card or connect another computer it won’t connect because the cable company sees a new MAC address.

When applying a router in a cable setup the router needs to copy the MAC address of the computer that is able to connect to the internet. The router will then present the MAC address to the cable company; this is also known as MAC address spoofing.

I looked up the necessary information in the manual of the router how to do so. It is on page 32 of the booklet (page 34 in the PDF document).

Since I have the data of your Dell laptop I will use that laptop for the procedure. Hook up the laptop and make it connect to the web. When needed contact the cable provider and let it change the MAC address.

On the Dell laptop go to Start → Run → type:cmd → push enter → you now get a black DOS like environment → type: ipconfig /all → push enter → look up the Physical Address of your Network connector (MAC address in Windows is called Physical address) → write it down on a piece of paper.

Now hook up the router to the modem and your computer with a wire to the router. Hook up the router to the modem using the yellow cable on the yellow outlet.

Open your browser and type in the address field and push enter. You will now enter the web interface of to the router. On the left you will see the navigation menu and navigate Internet WAN → MAC Address. See attached image.

Fill in the MAC address as you wrote it down and push Apply changes.

That should do the trick.

[attachment deleted by admin]

thanxx replying. i dont have a modem. as i said in my post the internet wire is directly connected to the computer. i want to know which wire goes where i.e which wire i should connect in the router and in which port. regarding the MAC, in the web interface of belkin there is a setting to clone the mac in the router. anyway i will try what u said and post if it succeed or failed.

one thing. as i said when switching the laptop mac address has to be changed and for this i have to inform the service provider. is there anyway i can manually copy the mac to the other computer so that the connection continues. if so how??


ok EricJH, i restored the router to factory default. the default connection type was dynamic and mine is pppoe, so i changed the connection type to pppoe and cloned the mac. its working now but the net is slow. i only changed the default connection type dynamic to mine pppoe. everything else is set at routers default. do i need to change some other routers default too. thanxx helping me.


Glad this one point worked out. I had already formulated the following.
I am not quite sure what yo mean with " i dont have a modem. as i said in my post the internet wire is directly connected to the computer".

To what does the computer connect? Usually that is a modem. Or do you connect it to an outlet in the wall especially for your internet connection? Or is the modem built in your computer?Not sure this information at this moment.

Can you define slow for me? Surfing is slower than usual? You don’t get the expected download speed when downloading from a stronger server? Does it affect all three computers or only one or two?

What is the name of your ISP and connection? I want to know to see what the support pages of the ISP tell about how to set up your connection. Just to make sure we are using the right data to make your connection work.

i dont have a modem as i said in my post that the internet wire is directly connected to the computer means the internet wire enters my home through the window and it has a connector at the end which i connect to the external lan card which is connected to the laptop.

my net connection is very fast. the browsing is very fast and when i download something i get around 60-260 kbps speed. but now the net is very slow compare to my usual speed. only 1 other laptop is connected to this network. both have same probs. slow browsing and sometime internet explorer cannot open the page and after 4-5 refresh the page opens.

this is a local net conection here. the isp name is nivyahbroadband.

i m from india. in the routers web interface in the time zone, the timezone for india is not there. what should i do??


Your connection should be set up like this:

O ------->R -----------> Laptop
u o
t u------------> Other computer
l t
e e ------------> Other computer
t r

Can you show me a screenshot of your Firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.

thanxx buddy helping me out. today everything is fine so far. no probs. net is at its usual speed on both the laptops. thanxx a lot EricJH


few things i wanna know.

channels - in the routers web interface there is a setting for channels. channels are from 1-13 and auto.
what should i select for good connectivity??

does wireless encryption effects connectivity. there are 4 mode. wep, wpa only, wpa2 only and wpa/wpa2.
what should i select?? i have selected stealth the ports to everyone in stelath port wizard of comodo. does this in any way affecting the connectivity coz now the router is also there.

i have disabled wireless network connection in my computer. do i need to change something here.

attached is the firewall events.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I am not using wireless myself so I can only give general guidelines picked up when setting up wifoi connections for others.

When a lot of people in the neighbourhood use the same channels that can interfere with the connection quality. You can choose to use a channel that is not or not much be used in your neigbourhood.

You should not use WEP as it’s encryption is cracked. There are tools on the web that can ■■■■■ the WEP encryption of a connection in 10 minutes.

When all your computers support it use WPA2 with a long key. You can use an online generator like WPA encryption Key Generator | NO BS Marketplace to create it.

There is no need to change anything on your computer if you are not using the wireless connection on it.

The firewall logs show the firewall blocking the Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) broadcasts by your router. The uPnP framework makes it possible to easily share content over a local network. Program can use it to look up other computers and things they share as well it is capable of opening and closing ports on the router (convenient for games and peer to peer programs).

You can make the router part of your trusted zone in CIS to receive these broadcast. Do you know how to do this?

i dont know how to do this. can you explain this??

I can only answer part of it

channels - in the routers web interface there is a setting for channels. channels are from 1-13 and auto. what should i select for good connectivity??

Default is usually 6, I’d propably would let it be

yes i have also set it to default 6. tried auto and others too. but same prob for all. sometimes net is as usual fast and sometimes internet explorer cannot open the page and after 5-6 refresh page loads. i dont know why it works well for sometimes and then cannot open the pages for sometimes. if i dont use the router and connect the usual way everythings works fine. what could be the problem? what should i check to solve the prob??


Does the browsing problem only happen with IE or does it also happen with other browsers?

Try deleting cache and cookies of IE and restart the browser.

Do the Firewall logs show up other notification than the ones we have seen before? When in the logs push the More button. YOu will come in a more advanced log screen. Filter the uPnP alert we have seen before and see if there are other notifications as well.

Can you show us a screenshot of your Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy)?

heyy buudy the problem is gone. net is running fine as usual. you know how. i disabled CIS but it didn’t worked. so i thought lets see uninstalling CIS solves the problem or not. so i uninstalled CIS and installed PC Tools Firewall and Avast 5 and yeah everything started working absolutely fine. atleast today the prob is not there. lets see few days. thanxx for your precious time and all the help.


If in the future you decide you want to give CIS another try we will be here to help you with it.

definately i will be back to CIS in short time. just want to see how this setup of pc tools firewall and avast
goes. will be back and install CIS 4. enjoy the good work and appreciate the help you guys provide in the forum. comodo forum is excellent not only for comodo products but for any products and anything.

have fun

Thanks. We’ll be here when you return.