Need Help please, Can't see windows on signup [RESOLVED]

Hello all, need a little help please. I just installed the antivirus program and it went ok, it asked for a reboot and I did.

When Windows came up the antivirus program put a window up but it is all white, as in blank.
I can’t go any further with it as I can’t see anything on the window that are up on the screen. The rest of windows works fine but the antivirus part does not.
I am running XP Pro with service pak 2, I have 2 gig of ram and a AMD X2 Duel Core 4800+
Processor. The Video is an ATI XTX1900 pro with 512 of ram.

I set the video settings down to just the basic and disabled all the features on the card.
But nothing has helped.
I really would like to try this program as it seems great, but I can’t install the serial # or set it up as I can’t see it.
Anyone have any Ideas on what is causing this?


There is a very similar issue with your ATI card and Novells latest Netware client. The fix turned out to be video card driver related. As soon as the latest drivers were installed, all was well. I don’t remember whether DirectX needed to be updated as well. Worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,
ewen :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks I will see if there is a new driver out yet. I had the last one I thought. I have seen this before on some other programs , but I could not get this one to work with the same tricks as the last.