need help please,,about the comodo logs,,and other stuff,,need help please.


some of my PC specs.

windows xp home sp2
1 gig of ram
all the current windows apdates(i always keep all things up-dated)

internet explorer 7(newest)

fire fox(newest)

spyware blaster

spybot search an destroy 1.4

ad-aware SE

comodo firewall one,installed it yesterday)

AVG anti-virus 7.5.503

ok ,when i had version 2 (the one just before version 3,the one i have now).

the version 2 would show in its logs that whether or not it block an in or out bound echo request,
this new comodo version 3 does not or will not show that,why is that ? .how do i know if its blocking echo request ?.

other then that it installed just fine and so far i have had no cpu usage probs so far like every one else,that is soooo far. i think that because when i first installed it i put it in “ask mode” ,i like to be the one who give’s a program permission .

zone alarm as well as comodo(version 2),passed all the tests ,but the echo request blocks ,both zone alarm and comodo firewall flunked ,i have yet to test this new version of comodo(version 3) for this .

what other bugs in comodo version 3 has every one been reporting ?.

:BNC i love pc games too ,quake 2 works great on windows xp home SP2.

The log in CFP3 does not have an info box like v2.4 does but it will show what Type of packet is getting blocked.

If you do a google search for “ICMP Type” it will bring up tons of pages to show you what the type numbers mean.


yes i know that,but the other version shows thats it blocking stuff,while this new version is not showing that its blocking anything in any of the logs…how do i know if my pc is being protected if it doesn’t even log it ?.

hope this helps.

i looked at that log ,it shows nothing, i even click on defense and
then clicked on veiw defense+events and that log also shows nothing, and the logs are on.

i even went to the sheilds up site.

or this for starters

scrolled down to hot spots and click on sheilds up.

it passed all but one,
i think thats because i have verizon DSL , its modem must have it s own firewall thing,

i hope you get a fix for this ,its just onother bug.
please test your products before you put out the updates.

Did you click on “more” in step4, as rickyg73 suggested? There is a bug in the logging that disables the first page some of the time.

(:SAD) yes i did that and the page comes up like it supposed too and still shows nothing,

i hope you add this to the list of fixes in this weeks patch(update), i read some where you are coming up with another update to fix the cpu bug every one is comeplaing about along with other complaints as well,you put this new version,v3, up way too soon, (:NRD) did u even beta test this new version ?.