Need help on installing (Application Monitor)

Hi, I’m new to Comodo after using Sygate for 3/4 years.

After installing and scanning for known app’s, the app’s show up in the Application Monitor but ALL with: DESTINTION = ANY, PORT = ANY

Shouldn’t for instance my firefox and IE be configured to the standard HTTP port range (i.e. 80, 8080 etc.)??

Do I have to configure every application manually or are these settings OK…


It all depends on what you define as OK :slight_smile:

For most people, the rules are fine as is. If you want more detailed control over which applications are using which ports, I would suggest the following:
(Assuming of course that you are familiar with which ports are used for which services)

On Security, Advanced, Miscellaneous dialog - set the Alert Frequency Level to High.
Delete all rules under Application monitor
Reboot your PC

At this point you will get notified quite frequently - but if you select to remember your choices on the Alert dialog, then rules will be added with finer-grained parameters than the default ‘Any’. And once you have the rules in place, the number of alerts will decrease quite a bit.

Once you have application rules defined, you may find them easier to manage if you edit/merge some of the generated rules - that is the generated rules on the High alert frequency will generate separate rules for each port encountered - so, you could merge the rules for port 80,443,554,1935 that might be encountered when using your browser for example.

Thanks for the advise, I wil try it out.