need help, network blocked

I’ve just bought a tablet and want to access the internet via my laptop which has a USB 4G wireless modem. I have set up a WiFi hotspot on the laptop and can connect the tablet to it. With Comodo firewall disabled the tablet connects to the internet just fine. With the firewall enabled there is no internet access for the tablet.
Under Firewall Tasks/Manage Networks there is just my laptop at the top of the tree with a red cross under it and nothing else.
Under Advanced Settings/Network Zones there are several entries and I’ve even added a specific ip address to match the Android tablet and hotspot. There are no entries under Blocked Zones.

I have read and researched as much Comodo Help that I can think of but finally I’m admitting defeat.
Can someone please point me in the right direction because I don’t really want to disable the firewall every time I want to update my Android apps.
Thanks in advance. :frowning:

Hello ralph,

  1. What OS is installed on your laptop?

  2. Is your laptop able to connect to the internet when the red x is shown in the manage networks interface?

  3. Creating a network zone specifically for your tablet should not be neccessary unless your laptop is connecting to the internet via your tablets internet connection.