Need help making sure I have the right settings on my v3 firewall

I have windows xp service pack 3 - also avast free edition, superantispyware. My setting on the comodo firewall pro version 3 is like this…
network defense= on custom policy (all 3 boxes checked on the alerts tab)
proactive defense= train with safe mode ( general tab only top box checked bottom 2 boxes unchecked) on monitor tab all boxes are checked
Is this right and all is passord protected? Also it says that it has blocked over 800 intrusions and the defense has blocked 1 suspious attempt- what should I do about that?
Thanks to you all who answer!

huh ??? train with safe mode ? are you sure you run the latest CFP3 release ???
the D+ levels on CFP latest release are:
paranoid mode
safe mode
clean PC mode
training mode

download the latest version ( here:

oh, don’t install it over the top, remove your current firewall first & then install a new one.

hmmm, i don’t know much, but if you’re sure that your PC is clean, then the default set up is enough. (Firewall on safe mode & D+ on Clean PC mode )
oh maybe you want to use “stealth port wizard” after installing:
Firewall/common tasks/stealth port wizard
tick the last option: block all incoming connections-stealth my ports to everyone

Have looked for the version I have and on my program files it only says cfp- then I hit properties- version is 1.0.01 ??? Did I download the wrong one!? :THNK!!! So I guess I will uninstall and re-install it again? Thanks for any more info!

1.0.01 is the installer version not CPF3 version Miscellaneous tab/About to find CPF3 version

here’s the screenshot (attached)
but you said you have D+ on train with safe mode ? it most likely your CFP is the previous version. the latest version use “safe mode” instead of “train with safe mode”.

nothing? ;D i guess that means CFP did the job well? :slight_smile:
oh why don’t you post your Firewall & D+ events log, just to make sure. i’m sure some errr uuhh “log expert” 88) here can help

how to create Firewall & D+ log:
Firewall/common tasks/view firewall events
click more , you can see firewall & defense+ log.
and then click File tab ==> export to html

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I did that and the box popped up Comodo Firewall Professional
Patent pending ???

On the event log the only things showing is tcp blocks from ip- alot What does that mean? :THNK

it’s the older version. remove/uninstall your old CFP & replace it with the newest version. :■■■■

errr let me look at my crystal ball (-www-) ;D , you have to post your log so the other ppl can see it :slight_smile:
maybe you could replace your firewall first & then post the log here :■■■■
btw, i have intrusion attempts too,that doesn’t always mean an evil person is trying to hack you :stuck_out_tongue:

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