Need help identifying if I'm infected or not...

Hi, Comodo has find a behavior virus called:C:\Documents and settings\ferreira\local settings\temp\nsp6f.tmp.exe and nsz18b.tmp.exe. It come from bearshare, and I alreaddy deleted it several months ago. I scanned the pc but it didn’t find anything, still some of my programs were corrupted.

Hi Matthys,

Can you tell us which Comodo tool found it a behavior virus?
and what software you used that turned up with nothing?

I’m using the latest Comodo internet security.

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You can report it as a false positive here:

they will then send you an email letting you know if it was malicious or not.

If you still believe that you are infected you can check out some of the programs here:
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

I know it is an virus, because it happened my friend also. We had run numerous anti- virus and anti- spyware programs. Even the IT technical people struggled to remove the virus from their pc.

If you “Need help identifying if I’m infected or not”, go here and select ‘Malware/Suspicious’…

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