need some help firewalll event blocks windows operating system , need some help :wink: asap plz

When there is incoming traffic for which no program is listening it will be blocked by Window Operating System. It means your firewall is doing its job: blocking unsolicited traffic.

Are there other questions or problems?

my browser i mean my connection slow downs T_T why , it says in the log that windows operating system is blocked??? and also help me with this 1 , im suffering to heurr.pck.rcryptor sh*t always appearing on my screen everytime i turn on this pc , and also is it safe to allow the numbers.exe? i mean sample 236.exe???

You can submit any files you are unsure of to:
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan

If the files appear to be false positives, submit them to Comodo here:
Comodo Malware Analysis

whats should be the best thing to do to bring back the normal system i have because now im suffering slowing down of connection bcuz of comodo T_T

Let Comodo quarantine the file and see if that helps. When the file reoccurs follow: What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 to get rid of it.

i reinstall comodo and install super spyware , malware bytes , and EMSI and i dont remember the other 1 , but its effective a lil bit , as i scan my pc to another spyware program hmmm th spyware doctor it shows that it detects more than super spyware but it cant remove the infection found T_T it needs registration

just give me more tips to secure everything because my connection still not in the same position , i mean its on the middle right now , before it was amazing since i use comodo but now … i dont know what to say… but please help me too boost this mess…

i downloaded the comodo back up , what this do??

What version of CIS are you using? What do you mean with T_T? Can you show a screenshot of the firewall logs? The blocking you see may be inocuous but I want to be sure.

Can you give us more information about what Spyware Doctor found? Can you post the Hijack This log that is requested in What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3?

finally i downloaded super spyware , it minimize the slowliness of the connection … im using the 12 version new version i think comodo…i like it…

Let Malwarebytes run and when it finds malware let it put the malware in quarantine. Then let A-squared Free (from Emsi soft) run and save the report. Does it say it found malware?


whats this , it says that my system health is low , and registration is required , i know every registration has a real money to be paid T_T , why?? ive done everything using anti malwares and anti spywares… what i do i need more? question , what does this comodo back up do with CIS?

I have no experience with Comodo Back up so I cannot comment on it. Comodo also has a free clean up toll that you can use instead of Registry Mechanic called Comodo System Cleaner. You can get it here: .

The official download page does not have the latest version yet that’s why I refer to the forum page of the latest version.