Need help finding a Vista theme for XP

So i fixed up my laptop which has XP home edition. But i decided the XP look is starting to get old. So i was wondering if anyone knows of any good Vista themes for XP or could help me find some? :slight_smile:

Nevermind i found a few nice ones ;D :-TU

If ya want some more - PM me OK :smiley:

Alright thanks ;D but i should be all set now :slight_smile:

I have some good ones really. With low memory usage ;D

But I think you will format your pc after a month or two when XP SP3 shows up :smiley:

How about some wibbles, please?

… and I’m still awaiting the perfect OS X theme, I’ve probably tried 20 different versions but they all have some bug I cannot accept. So annoying, there are many well done themes, but they all miss some detail … :-TD

Anyway, I think there are tons of Vista themes. I always browse deviantART for XP themes. :-TU