Need help finding a firewall

I really need help finding a firewall that will work with a windows xp sp2 computer with only 320 mb of ram. This is an aging computer that it is not possible to replace or upgrade any more - the motherboard is already maxed out.

Norton and McAfee are out because of the way they hog the system resources. AVG is out because of some of the recent problems is caused. I loved Sygate then that one was ruined by Norton. Kerio and Zonelabs were not the right either.

The COMODO antivirus for this is working so well…

The firewall is now causing one blue screen of death after another - usually during a search and I do a lot of searching.


PC Tools firewall? Official Site | Norton™ - Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software lightweight but i dont know how well it has performed in tests?

Hi,which kerio version was not right? Many people still feel kpf 2.1.5 to be one of the best and lightest on resources.
There is also jetico v1 ,free also and runs light.
Hope this helps.

Ive heard there are some problems with PC Tool’s firewall. May I suggest as a light weight soloution COMODOs very own firewall. Its lightweight and its ■■■■ good.

Online Armor Free has some pretty good reviews. I’ve tried it just for fun but IMO it’s not as good as Comodo. However, as Comodo is causing one BSOD after the other on your computer, OA seems a good idea. It’s not bad at all but you should consider it a temporary solution: maybe Comodo v3 final will work eventually work for you. Then you’ll have the best.

Oh I didnt notice COMODO BSOD for him. Well kerio is a fine product, or outpost firewall.