Need help deciding on nod32 vs. cis..

Ill just get straight to the point. What is your opionons on nod32 vs. comodo internet security. Due to a review by someone that. I highly trust. Im considering switching to comodo internet security. Main concerns is will it protect me as well as nod32 has and will it run as fast as nod32. Meaning does it compare to nod32 using light resources to run. Ive heard alot of great things about comodo and wanna get some opionons from everyday people for nonbiased reasons.


hi Kaiserwolf (:WAV)

ehm (:NRD)
CIS is a suite, NOD32 is an AV
CIS is very light on resource usage (don’t know about NOD32,i’ve never use it).
CIS AV is pretty decent & the malware database is growing rapidly,but no AV can catch 100% virus. so whether it’s CIS or NOD32, can’t rely your whole security on the AV.
& more importantly, CIS is free (:HUG) ;D

if you’re not sure about CIS AV, you can untick the AV part during installation & use the Firewall & defense+ along with NOD32.

Well nod32 does have a firewall but from what ive heard comodos firewall is top notch.


yeah, and this is comodo forum, what do you expect? ;D
but if you need unbiased rating, you can check the rating on matousec.
let’s wait for someone else if you need more opinions on this :slight_smile:
as for me, i always bias toward free product ;D

Ill go with firewall and system cleaner. System cleaner is really a suberb program and compliments my defrag program really well.

Hey kaiser. This is the comodo forums so the reviews will more than likely be biased, Including mine ;D

AV vs AV, nod32 has probably better detection…
Suite vs suite, CIS is unmatched. (Thanks to Defense+ and Firewall)

Yeah thats one thing. I wont argue. Is comodos +def and firewall.

AV is much less important than firewall with D+. So, you can try not to install an AV at all, but as CIS already hase one (built-in), why not to use it for free? :SMLR

ehm, let’s not make this topic become product war,you choose what product suits you best 88)
why not use avira? (:TNG)

free one of course! i’m all about freebies ;D
Ok, the free one doesn’t include spyware signature, but then we have free spyware terminator to cover the spyware part.
and then few replies later, we’re gonna discussing about anti-spyware this vs anti-spyware that,AV this vs AV that.
blah blah blah,and here we go again with the endless circle of AV/AS preference debate (:TNG)
history repeats itself ;D

Guys please, not another which is the best av war ;D

Kaiserwolf, nice nick btw, well you’ve come all this far to the comodo forums. Why don’t you try it yourself ? I do sujest Comodo over NOD32. Why ?

  • Personally I think that NOD was great in the V2. But now it has become to bloated and money-making minded.
  • The firewall competition is unfair, you will probably even get less pop-ups from Comodo
  • Then the AV. Well, I believe that NOD32 is now getting worse and worse everyday in detection, CIS however, is getting better and better. But NOD32 still has the opperhand?

In the end, it’s your choice, use what you feel most comfortable with :slight_smile:


Thanks for compliment on the name. It means “Emperor of the wolves”. Boy you people are passionate about comodo internet security lol.

Alright ill give it a shot:D.

nah, it’s me. and i was joking (:TNG)

if the OP wants comparison between CIS snd NOD32 then let’s stick with those two.
but why not use avira? (:TNG) ;D

Ended up with nod32 smart security and drive sentry and malware bytes and comodo firewall.

And of course i cant live without comodo system cleaner.

Hey, Eset smart security includes it’s own firewall btw… Your only meant to use 1 firewall at a time! May cause some conflicts.

Actually they are working well together. I still need to do some tests though.


It’s german isn’t it :wink:

well, beware. It could actually do more harm then good, running 2 firewalls at the same time. I would sujest you to uninstall drivesentry and disable the firewall in eset, and use the firewall of comodo with Defense+ enabled :slight_smile:



please, why do you think Nod32 is getting worse and worse? I am asking, because my subscription to NOD32 is ending this month and I have the same trouble - stay with NOD or try something else (I mean CIS). With NOD I am satisfied, CIS (I mean the antivirus) I have not tried yet.


errr, if you happy with & willing to spend money for it,maybe you should keep it? 88)
CIS virus database is growing rapidly, but some ppl still have issue with false positive :stuck_out_tongue:
and some other ppl have no problem with’s all about personal preference :a0
maybe you wanna try avira ( :-La it’s free & pretty good :-TU

here we go again, AV pillow fight! ;D

Thanks for your reply. I will think about it. Maybe you are right, I should try something else and then decide what to do.