Need help blocking a hacker that keeps harassing my Game server

I banned someone from my game server and now he has made it his mission to ruin my server. I banned him using the games internal ban system, second party software, and by IP using comodo. Since he does not have a static IP it only works for about a day and then he shows back up. Is there a way to block traffic coming from his domain

I’m not really concerned about blocking out other users as long as he’s gone.
I blocked a range of ip address which may have stopped him but I would like to block traffic from just to make sure he doesnt come back


Hi stangtjk, welcome to the forums.

You could just add the hostname ( to CFPs My Blocked Network Zones. But, if he really wanted to make your life a pain he could (unfortunately) start using proxies (assuming he knows about such things).

Thanks for the reply I have already done what you suggested but I wasn’t sure if that would work. I don’t think he knows enough to work around it. He cant get around the way I’m blocking him now until his IP address changes. Hopefully hes got better things to do than to be a pain in my ■■■. Thanks again

Actually depending on Sbc Global’s set-up it might not, it really depends on what CFP resolves as (ie. the IP numbers). But, you can always add the range - to your Blocked Network Zones anyway… this is the AT&T block that this particular user seems to reside in (which you probably have a better idea of than me).

blocking did not work but I did block a range of ip addresses.

What if you add an asterisk in front of

Like * or *

I wonder if that works.

Hello All,

That won’t work, the Network Zone field says Host suggesting an entry that could be resolved using DNS A record query. I’ve tested this also with outgoing traffic and that doesn’t work, so it’s safe to assume it won’t work for incoming traffic either.