Need help about new version.....

Hello, I installed comodo before new version came out…so I am not sure if I should uninstall first?? I keep getting that new updates available but still nothing new…so what could be wrong? Thanks for any help…as you can tell I am not an pc expert…Regards, Rose

Hi ramblin and welcome to the COMODO forums… You will need to uninstall and install the new version. You can get it Here.

Hi, welcome to the forum.
There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a massive update to your current version.
But I suggest you to manualy download the instalation file, from the folowing page :
By then, you can simply start the installation and folow it’s simple installation wizard.

PS: You don’t need new key-registration with it. It’ll automaticaly use your last key.

Right on, as long as the Trustix folder is still in your program files… It won’t be any different than when you downloaded the first version except no activation…

Thank you for welcoming me…Before I uninstalled, I forgot to mention that I had an error 108…I’m afraid I made a mistake…I made it a habit whenever I uninstalled a program, I used a search feature to clean out leftover files and rebooted…that’s all I know how to do.

I am using windows firewall now…Should I installed a new version with same email address?

I think Comodo firewall is great but I am not an pc expert so I am having a hard time to understand rules or how to use it. At least I know what I can allow programs but that’s it…perhaps maybe comodo is too advanced for me?? I tried to read help section but still don’t understand some of it…if only I could find some kind of guide with screenshots to show me how to correctly set it up…(hint?)

All I need is to have a good firewall that will protect my pc and handle everything for me just like Zone Alarm but I had problems with ZA because of yahoo 8. I had yahoo 7.0 which worked fine with ZA but for some reason, ZA does not get along with yahoo 8 and I don’t know what changed it. So I had to uninstalled ZA. I tried everything to keep ZA with no luck not even when I reinstalled yahoo 7.0 didn’t help.

Thanks so much! hugs, Rose