need help about cis 4.0

hi all,my company have a very very old machine running cis 4.X,and i can’t reboot it,please help me and send me the latest bases.cav to update antivrus database,

Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022 use the one for 5.5 & older.

i download the 5.5 or older link,replace it into comodo folder,it saids database version:0.
my comodo internet security version:

I think you have to overwrite the file in windows safe mode, I don’t think you can use an import option like in version 11.

i can not reboot the machine,can you please send me the latest av database to me?i try it in virtual machine,cis 4.x can not detect the avdatabase for cis5.5

Actually it looks like the bases for 4.x is no longer available according to this

yep,i know it is close download,and i request for the lasted version av database for cis 4.x

Then why ask? No one is going to have it as Comodo stopped providing AV updates for that version.

I’d suggest you to look for CIS v
That old version is no longer supported whilst CIS v 10 supports Windows XP, it’s useless to add an av db since that version won’t self update anymore