Need Guide for Firewall Configuration based on Mac Address


I wan’t to configure Comodo Firewall to block connection from all ip range except several trusted mac address.
Anyone can help me?

Thank you…

To understand what you are trying to reach can you please explain a bit more about what your trying to accomplice?

I just want to make mac filtering using comodo firewall. So, just computer which it mac address is in white list can make connection to my network. (sorry my bad english)

That will only help against systems on the same Local LAN, all traffic coming from and to your ‘default gateway’ will be allowed because of the MAC of the router.
Are you trying to protect against other devices on your same subnet/physical (V)LAN?

Yes, you right.

Fastest way to only allow PC to default-gateway traffic is to create a MAC rule on the global rules policy.

Use Block + MAC of default-gateway and make sure to check the “Exclude” option (Use log to verify).
This will make the filter block all MAC’s except for the one of the default-gateway.

how about if i using comodo firewall in my gateway computer and i want to filter who can connect to this gateway based on their mac address?

You need to create separate allow rules for all MAC addresses that are allowed to connect.
Then add a rule below that to block all others, best trick would be to use a allow ‘dummy’ address and use the ‘Except’ to create in inverted ‘block all rule’ which can other wise not be made with MAC filtering.

I was did like that, but not success.