Need Global Rules: "block images" "block media" "block downloads" "block flash".

With properties Enable/Disable
and bounded to easy reachable checks or buttons.

Really that’s something for the browser or a browser plugin, not for the firewall.

I must agree with Japo. Such features are already present in web browsers ( FireFox + FlashBlock + NoScript ) or some parent control software so it won’t rather get implemented in CIS.

Yeah FlashBlock + NoScript… that is today’s reality. But we can change (we need) it. [obama]

First there are lot of simultaneously started browsers (opera ie firefox) and plus number of rss-browsers.
I often need quickly switch some of blocked features on and after off.
For example I need download something or I want to take a look some at picture.

Second there are few apps (and + trojans) which access internet direcly and has own internet connection settings.
And I want totally block downloading for them from internet.

At the moment I use a locally installed proxy with that features.
And I have to say it is extremely useful.

So it would be great to have these buttons on summary screen of cis and on-tray-right-click checks

ps. Thit is just IHMO. May be that features and firewall are technically incompatible or for religious purity reasons.

Not really, but to select what content to block you’d need to parse the traffic. The browser must parse anyway, so it’s a redundancy.

it’s a redundancy

I can offer trade-off decision. :slight_smile:

Can You make a plugin ?

In this case anybody (who wants) may use it and Comodo Firewall would be stay chaste.

I want use ONE (!) Comodo Solution only and uninstall another 3d party sensitive unsafe products.

Yes a plugin or toolbar would be nice. :slight_smile: Not that I need it, I select content with Opera. (:KWL)

i would love that also for IE7/8 without a plugin/addon along with a feature to turn on/off flash sound from specific website but i hate the menu bar (too much space lost) a little button is the best choice! :slight_smile:

It would probably be on the bottom of the list,

I ask you, Why would you want to block a image?


if you go often to myspace pages the ability to turn on/off flash autostart or to disable sound is a top feature!

same when u are surfing and listening to music, you dont want website bug you :wink:

disabling pictures/flash can also save bandwidth…

Ok, Just Block Images within the browser

I would be ok if Comodo Created A Broswer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (:WIN)

but since this is not yet done…

Just Use the tools that are available


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hehe yep i understand this is not what we ask fist at a firewall (btw i must confess that I hate overvbloated software) but since Comodo has a menu bar why not use it for really usefull feature like this :wink:

thanks for directions on how to do it manually, i knew that already but i’m looking for a quick solution to enable/disable in one click (:

Do You wonder why I block images?

Reason #1 - I need to save my home internet traffic
Yes in Russia we use cracked (read free) apps but we have paid internet access, at least at home
(I heard in UK starting 2000-2002 internet is free of charge)

Reason #2 - I want to accelerate page loadings - that is why I block images

Yes I know how to block images in FireFox. In Opera and in IE also.
But I have simultaneously started FF IE and Opera and plus few feed browsers.
Often I have quickly to allow picture loading and after immediately block it again.
And I want to do that more easy
Now I use local proxy with these buttons and it is utterly useful.

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still waiting for this feature…

a one click enable/disable button or right click option is the best choice… a toolbar i dont like it because it takes too much space…

Which already exists in your browser…

Which already exists in your browser…

yes… but I have four browsers (ie opera firefox maxthon) and + two rss readers and there are some apps trying to access to the web directly…

It would be very nice to have one control centre using installed comodo network driver.

I want something outside the browsers that the non-privileged users (or those that don’t know a password) can’t change, whether it is Comodo or a pseudo proxy that I could run that would allow me to block all downloads except . pdf, .doc and possibly others for most users of the computer, while allowing selected users the ability to download other things such as myself (the “admin” of the family computer with two admin and one regular account on Vista Home Premium). Parental control in Vista is an all or nothing download block. Prefer freeware or cheapware, or a change to Comodo or Microsoft Vista parental control that would allow selective download block/allow.

The children have occasion to download pdf and doc files from school websites but I don’t want to allow them to download just anything (because they will). That is how the previous computer got hosed before I switched it to Knoppix on CDROM (which was fine for about six months until the power button failed.) I still need the ability to download software for my use.