Need for Comodo antivirus, etc if firewall being used

I’m a new Comodo Firewall user and although I’m impressed so far (I was a ZoneAlarm Pro user), I must confess to being more than a little confused. I’ve got the latest v. 3.0.16 Comodo Firewall running and it says it checks for viruses, etc (even offering to do a scan, which I did today). However when I look at the sizes in MB of the various Comodo offerings, I see the free firewall at 14.4MB and the v.2 antivirus standalone program at 34.6MB. As I’ve not been able to find a definitive answer on the website or in the forums, faqs, etc to resolve my confusion, I’m wondering how any a/v component of the firewall program could do the same job as Comodo’s standalone antivirus program. And if having the antivirus program running as well as Comodo Firewall would in fact be better, does this also mean, that the other standalone programs would be advisable to run as well? I’m referring here to the anti-malware, anti-spam and memory firewall standalone programs. Many thanks in advance for info. Cheers.

Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

The now built in scanner of CFP is just a scanner. It doesn’t provide the real-time protection that CAVS 2 does, so it’s not a replacement for CAVS 2.

The file sizes are not possible to compare - the programs are completely different.

At this point it’s recommended to have those standalone programs you refer to (BOClean, Memory Firewall) running along with CFP and CAVS - for the very best protection. The level you chose (in other words, amount of programs) should correspond to your experience, your habits, your internet browser and your level of paranoia. :slight_smile:


Many thanks! I was having some trouble getting that sorted out. I’ll install the others as well. Cheers.

Sounds good. If you get any problems the forum is here for you. :slight_smile: