Need Firewall Only

Last time I downloaded Comodo, even though I chose Firewall Only I ended up with the AntiVrus also. I have uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled but can’t understand what I have.
The configuration has the Firewall greyed pout with a tick; and Defense+Security Mode seems to be on in Clean PC Mode. The Firewall Security on Safe Mode.

I only want the Firewall. What should I do?

Thank you

I think there is a “Custom” installation option instead of “Standard” installation.

There is just a standard setup mode for CIS, where you can chose Firewall and/or Antivirus.

qim, which buttons do you have on the top in the main CIS interface? Is it:

Summary | Firewall | Defense+ |Miscellaneous ?

If these are the only buttons you don’t have the Antivirus, just the Firewall of CIS (usually called CF). Defense+ is not Antivirus.

I submitted a HijackThis to another forum and was told that I had TWO AVs running: Avast and Comodo’s. Yet, what I had before is what I have now. So, I assume that the Clean PC Mode acts as an AV. Can I, Shoul I, dsable it? Will the Firewall work without the Clean PC?



I believe they can’t tell from a HijackThis log because it doesn’t matter if you have just the firewall or the antivirus as well - the processes are the same: cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe. So unless I’m missing some feature of the HijackThis log (maybe it features loaded DLL files, if so, they can see some Antivirus related DLL file), you can’t tell.

Anyway, the Clean PC Mode has nothing to do with the antivirus. It’s strictly related to Defense+ which is not related to Antivirus. I suggest you keep Clean PC Mode.

Can you verify which buttons you have at the top of CIS? Again, if you see

Summary | Firewall | Defense+ |Miscellaneous

and no Antivirus button, then you have no antivirus.


Yes, I can confirm that I only have those buttons. So, there is no problem with having both Avast AV, and Comodo Firewall with the Clean PC mode, right?

Many thanks for your help.


Should be no problem what so ever! Defense+ and Clean PC Mode will not interfer with avast. According to the buttons you do have Comodo Firewall (CF) only, not CAV included as that would give you a button called Antivirus between Summary and Firewall.

No problem :slight_smile: