Need few tips ; RE: Job Hunting..

Hello All!

Ok; I have been applying to every job that i could think of that is within the distance of city bus transportation… via online (about 1,862 Applications) Yes; I have attached my resume (which doesn’t look well to me either but i’m working on it while i go;
Thing is, I have a lot of volunteer exprience, (From helping manager at self storage to cash register to driver to network admin…) I don’t have a lot of ‘work’ expierence. now i don’t like lying but my friend told me to lie about this and that… which i feel completely uncomfortable…

Now there are business’s that are within a block or two from my grandparents house… This is where i don’t know what to do; …

From my past experiences i have never ever been taught how to walk in and apply for a job… I’m nervous and confused because i never done any thing like this before; usually Dad’s teach you this type of thing, but no dad… (Also not really social type of guy!)

Basically need a rough draft of instructions on how to walk in and “Apply/ask for a job” …

These aren’t computer based business’s but odd ends (Swiss Dairy/Pet Babysitter/Wood Working etc etc)

So… Any tips? Hints/Feedback?


I think you should write a personal letter about how you are. Since you didn’t have the best grades I think should try to not lie but make a half truth. In that personal letter you should also tell what you know of. I know that you have this ComITA or what’s called which is a plus and shows that you have knowledge.

You can also try to make your own company if possible.

I hope you will get one. Buddy :slight_smile:

Valentin N

As difficult as this may seem go in and be relaxed, ask if you could speak to a manager (or whoever is in charge) about a job application. At this point usually the person will hand you an application or just direct you to the area you would apply, ignoring your request to speak to the person in charge (that’s my experience). Fill out the application then go up and ask for the person in charge again, when they come out, introduce yourself, and followup in a couple of days.

Following up is probably the best thing you can do, it shows them that you do want the job and aren’t just one of the other applicants. Also, it helps if you research some facts about the company (if it’s a large company) you’re applying for.

If you score an interview, be honest, and be open. Do not cross your arms and always smile, crossing your arms is body language for being closed off, don’t put your hands in your pockets either as this shows nervousness.


Hi Jake, first up good luck with it all and keep your chin up.
I’m probably not the best advice giver but I will try.
Dress smart, walk tall, hide the nerves, even if not try to show confidence (not cocky), explain where you live, show or tell reasons why you would be suitable and able to help their company, don’t lie (they always come back and bite later), if possible get some personal references from friends or acquaintances, sound keen but not desperate, personal references from volunteer places you have worked, tell a little about your family situation but don’t sound like your after sympathy, smile even laugh a little if appropriate time arises, be punctual at interview times, don’t bite finger nails or have hand near mouth when talking, don’t sit at interviews until seat is offered, highlight your skills if they are to do with the job, tell where you have volunteered your time, be reasonably serious but not life or death serious, don’t take a friend, explain you are very willing to learn new skills, don’t let it be known that your not a social guy, explain you can work on your own or with a team, make sure any letters presented have exact spelling. Some of my advice is for if you reach the interview point. Nobody expects a big fantastic resume at such a young age. I wish you all the very best. Kind regards.

I had so many employers call back; but cannot guarantee that i’ll be at work ontime because of no car… this sucks!

today you need a car and a driving license of course :frowning:

Valentin N

I already have one but not the other