Need feedback about privacy issues currently in Google Chrome

Hello, I’m trying to get a good understanding of what privacy issues are still present in Google Chrome. Can someone please let me know what all of these known issues are (citations would be appreciated ;))?


Here is what I found after a quick search:

I used Google’s search engine so they might be hiding things we aren’t supposed to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much. That’s very helpful.

Does anyone know of any other privacy issues?

Google Chrome Privacy Notice
Google Privacy policy
How secure is Google Chrome
Criticism of Google

I am not intending to hijack the topic, but IMO most of the concerns over Chromes Privacy are a little over hyped and are going to be implemented in some way from just being connected to the outside world.
Even simply searching from any engine/browser the data/usage will be logged in some way by someone.
Apologies for running OT with my post.
Edit: Added link.

No worries, it’s actually not off topic at all. In fact after looking at the facts I now agree with you. I do believe that most of the privacy concerns about Google Chrome are overhyped.

In fact, I believe that this about sums up my feeling about Google Chrome. I believe that these two sources best sum up the potential problems with Google Chrome. These are this source and this source. That said, the problems don’t really seem that severe. However, I have nearly no faith in the company behind Google Chrome. Google itself has had multiple problems with privacy. I believe that is both seen in these criticisms of Google’s commitment to privacy.

Does anyone have anything to add or disagree with my advice?


insanitybit: SRWare Iron Browser – A Real Private Alternative To Chrome?


The most interesting link in the article was to this pdf document by Google on what Chrome exactly communicates.