Need Fast and Serious HELP for CFP latest version

I’ve spent the past 3 days struggling with this new version of Comodo Firewall. I’ve uninstalled numerous programs (including anti-virus, desktop software, even BOClean) that I thought might be causing the issue but it turns out they have not been. The problem remains. What I am trying to do is the following:

Add certain programs to the “blocked application” list in the common task section of the Firewall tab. What happens is the moment I try to add a program, or even just try to browse for a given program, Comodo simply shuts down and exits. The same behaviour occurs when trying to change any settings in the advanced section of Defense + tab… it shuts down and exits. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled many times and still it shuts down when attempting to work/modify it.

I have all the basic requirements (and then some) to run Comodo. WinXP SP2; 1gb of memory; AMD Athlon 64 processor; 2+ghz processor speed; nvidia graphics card; etc.

I need help fast! Anyone have any ideas why Comodo keeps shutting down when I try to do something with it after the install?

Are there any error messages or dumps when it closes? When it closes is “cmdagent.exe” still running as a process?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Panic. No, there are no error messages. It just shuts down. And, yes, “cmdagent.exe” is still running as a process. The current program I want to add to the “blocked program” list is Slysoft AnyDVD.

The only appropriate advice:
Forget Comodo, there are better firewalls around!

I used to love comodo, until v3 appeared. I spent so much time with this screwed product that even the most expensive firewall would come out cheaper.

After you fight through terrible uninstall, you’ll find that other firewalls can work better with no obtrusion at all.

This is my final post here.
Bye bye, Comodo, for ever.

Your truly-ruly final one, or just another final one?


totally agree. jus to add, support sucks too.

I do not agree I love CFP v3…It speed up my computer by 5%(est),…It passes all the known leak test (that I tried and found on google)…I love it (L)


totally agree. jus to add, support sucks too.

We try the best we can. If you are not satisfied please learn the product this way you have no questions and offer support to others.


I’ve used this since the 2.x days. I know how to go about this program. It’s just that there still exist major flaws in the installer and implementation of the drivers that gave me and the thread starter headaches.

Bet you know what it feels like to resort to formatting. I’ve done it four times thanks to cfp3 :slight_smile:

jus to add it dosent detect changes in yr static ip too :slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t. Setting a System Restore point or restoring a recent backup negates the need for a complete reformat.

So don’t blame CFP entirely for your problems.

Also, USSS has made this excellent guide about how to completely delete everything associated with CFP 3. If you follow it (in case you haven’t done a System Restore) there’s no way you’ll have to format your computer…
If you still have problems, it’s not related to CFP 3.