Need Connection Parsing Modul for Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver.

It will extremely raise competitiveness of Comodo Firewall (even I maybe ready to pay(!) for it)

We can get

  1. ability to create rules to block pictures, downloadings, media, video

  2. internet activity monitoring and internet traffic reporting

  3. local proxy to save internet traffic

I hate to see them wasting effort on something that can be handled by your web browser.

It is not so simple. Sometimes I have Opera Firefox and IE started simultaneously. And + 2 feedreaders. And now many apps try to download something from Internet. So centralized connection filtering is very needed.

Now I use locally installed proxy for the purpose of that. And I can say it is greatly useful. But it uses own additional network interface driver installed side by side with comodo driver.

I believe all three of those browsers have that functionality… And aren’t your feedreaders text based?

YH RSS Aggregator2.1.0

Yeah browsers have connection parsing and filtering abilities.
But those settings is not permanent. I have quickly to on and off back its.
And browsers have various ways (not always easy) to reach those toggles.
That is why I have to install additional app which installs own network driver
(Why do not uninstall (and forget) it if we already have network driver which could be used)

And as a competitive advantage of Comodo
we would get also

  1. local proxy (traffic saving)
  2. internet(+lan) activity(traffic) reporting(+ monitoring)

Which means that
Throw 3d party apps out! Because our network totally controlled by Comodo already!

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I think this is a great idea I was thinking about it myself.

Browser don’t have the ability to filter objects the way the first post describe it, so yeah, this is a necessity.

Browsers can take care of the first point in the original post.

@HeffeD: I’ve used FF 2.X and never seen a flash, video or other media filter except image filter, same for IE. I’m using SeaMonkey (Mozilla Suite) and doesn’t have that kind of filter either.

@myuser: CIS have the point 2 of your first post. Or what is missing in your opinion?

Turning off Java and Javascript will take care of most media. You’ll only get Flash content if you install the plugin.

no. is not missing.
second is proxy abilities (traffic savings) and
third is internet activity logging (reporting+monitoring) and
first is my main wish - ability to create connection filtering rules(policies).

this impressive arsenal we would get if comodo learn to parse connections

and we would uninstall all another network drivers + apps installed in these purposes…