Need clarification of fax rates

I have signed up for the prestige account (50 faxes per month). Are the faxes free (within North America)?


every page you send/recieve gets deducted from this 50 pages a month in the North America.

So as long as you don’t exceed 50 pages a month for in/out then you should not have to pay any more for your faxing.


I am a Trustfax Power user - $29.95 per year for 150 pages. I signed up in November 2006, and have sent and/or received 87 pages. My account says I only have 9 pages left to use ( plus a 10-page credit for a received fax that wasn’t meant for me). So, if I paid for 150 pages and have used 87, why do I only have 9 pages left in my account? 87 plus 9 does not equal 150.

Some fax pages that have lots of graphics and pictures will extend the transmission time for sending or receiving a fax page beyond the 60 second time limit per page stated in the user agreement and is charged as mutliple pages by trustfax. Other factors besides graphics and pictures that may extend transmission times is a old fax machine with a slower transmission speed that is sending to trustfax or receiving from trustfax.
Trustfax deducts pages for the sucessfull transmission of fax pages and not for each fax page attempted.

Thank you for your reply.

I understand that the usage is based on time, not a strict page count. But 96 is less than two-thirds of 150. Getting 96 actual pages when I’ve paid for 150 strikes me as getting ripped off.

Your account shows a very large file 1.7 MB for an 18 page fax received on Feb 5, 2007. By the size of the file relative to the number of pages it would lead me to believe that the fax has numerous pictures. Not just graphics like logos and such but photographic images on the pages.
When faxing a picture, either sending or receiving, the fax device must communicate the changes in each pixel so that a picture can be reproduced on the other fax device. That type of faxing communication can dramatically increase the amount of time to fax each page.

I contacted TrustFax about this matter, and I received a very quick response. They are crediting me 20 pages. While this doesn’t bring me to 150, I appreciate the gesture and am satisfied with the customer service I have received.

I had three recent faxes totaling 24 actual pages that resulted in about 70-75 page credits being used, or roughly three times the actual number. My suggestion at this point is that I think TrustFax should adjust their page counting formula to better correlate to real-world faxes.

Page calculations are based solely on fax time. An average fax page is less than 40 seconds. Many fax pages are close to 25 seconds a page. The 60 second per page limit is standard in the internet fax market.

I have also had issues with “accounting” of fax pages; every page I send or receive these days takes 2 pages away from my account. I don’t use a cover page, and I upload only plain text, most often a one page Word document. The fax machine I’m sending to is new, but it’s the type that is also a computer printer. We’re having them check to see if the unit is set for “fine” or “photo” quality, but I am disturbed with the fact that there’s no real way for me to see how much time each page is taking. Tech support tells me the next version release will have a log feature, and I hope that’s available soon.

Also, I can’t get the email to fax to work. I get the same error every time:

We are unable to complete your request.
Reason: Message body was not in the correct format or invalid account. If you are trying to send a fax make sure your username and code are correct. If you are trying to email documents, please verify you have the proper account information. Error number returned from server: 83026

But, I hesitate to try and work this issue out, because I don’t know if it’s taking away a fax page when I attempt to send. Does anyone know?

A couple of issues addressed:
1-Sending a fax using your email, the error 83026 means that you did not send an attachment and you had the statement to not send a coverpage. Since no coverpage was specified and no attachment was in the email, trustfax had no document to send. You can resolve this by adding an attachment or delete the coverpage:no statement and add the message: statement with you text. The message will print out on a coversheet. Here is a link to how to send faxes using your email:
2 - There is a time limit per page of 60 seconds and if a fax pages takes longer than the limit you are charged as a mulitple page. An average fax page is 30 -35 seconds. A next release will show actual time per page but that has not been released yet.
But there are other common reasons that cause a single page to be more that one page when faxing that has nothing to do with transmission times.
The coverpage is only able to have about 20 lines of text on one page until it wraps to a second page. The document format may be outside of the normal print setting on a page so text outside of the margins may appear on a second page - this is similiar if you print a document on a printer that has text outside of a 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 page size - it may produce a second page.
A word doc that has text on a single page but has carriage return and blank space that you save into a document that causes the document to be more than one page.