Need CIS uninstall help

Hi all, updating to CIS 10 caused massive problems on my computer, I was able to boot up but everything was running very slowly and I could not access Control Panel or My Computer. So I could not get into add/remove programs. I got into safe mode with networking and in that mode everything seems fine. But I still could not do add/remove programs since I got an error message while doing so stating that “Microsoft Uninstaller” was not loaded and that the program could not be uninstalled in Safe mode. I then didn’t know what to do so I tried to manually delete the Comodo folder but there was a .dll file in use so I just renamed both the .dll file and the folder and restarted my computer back into Safe mode and deleted the entire Comodo folder. Then I booted back into normal mode but everything was still super slow. I could still access the internet in normal mode but only certain sites. That was yesterday. Today I tried again and went back into Safe mode, found out about Revo Uninstaller and ran it and used it to delete all the Comodo registry entries (I used advanced mode and it took over an hour) and then saw that the entry for Comodo in Revo and in Add/Remove programs was gone. Great, I thought my problems were solved since everything was now deleted. So I rebooted my computer normally and everything was running fast again and I could use Control Panel and My Computer again. But now I have a different problem- I can no longer access the internet in normal mode! I tried to uninstall and reinstall my internet connection and did the IPconfig /release from the command line but neither option did anything. I can get online in Safe Mode with Networking so I know that Comodo had something to do with this- so how do I fix this? Oh and I have Windows XP Home in case that’s helpful. Thanks for any help you can provide!

PS I also tried to install an earlier version of CIS from File Hippo but no go- whenever I download their installer file it retries to install Version 10! And I can’t install anything Comodo from Safe mode anyway because I’m limited to 640x480 resolution and the install box is so huge that the dialog box gets cut off and I can’t move it to approve the installation. Plus now in normal mode, I have no internet connection so I have to use Safe Mode with Networking for internet access. How do I fix this?

One other thing that might be helpful- I had System Restore turned off on my XP machine so I can’t revert back to an earlier state (I was told that having it on can keep viruses on your computer so I turned it off a long time ago.)

Yay my computer works fine in normal mode now. Now I have no firewall and not sure I really need one (I’m not a paranoid person who thinks they’re going to get attacked- I’ve never had a virus or anything in my 17 years of using computers.) Should I leave things as is or get CIS 8.2 or 8.4?