Need Assistance with Comodo Internet Security v.7 Translation Update

Attention of everyone interested

Hello All,

Our usual German translator cannot update language files update this time because he is too busy with day-to-day matters these days.
Thus we are looking for someone who could assist with updating the below translation files which we need to include into CIS 7 ‘clean’ version.:

1031.lang - installer .lang file
cis.german.lang - main CIS application .lang file
virtkiosk.german.lang - Comodo Virtual Desktop .lang file

For reference/evaluation purpose the untranslated strings are copy+pasted into the 3 separate .txt files:
German installer file strings.txt
German cis file strings.txt
German virtkiosk strings.txt

By the way, if you don’t want to deal with the xml (.lang) files, you could simply translate the .txt files instead.

It would be the Best if you could send the completed files on/before 07-09 Feb 2014.

Kind regards,
Alexander Suvak
CIS Localization coordinator

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An die deutsche Community!
Ich würde mich bereit erklären, die Übersetzung bis zum angegebenen Datum zu übermitteln. Wenn mir wer helfen will, oder meine Hilfe benötigt, kontaktiert mich.

Lg Yoshua

[at]Alexander Suvak
I`m going to update the translation files as soon as possible, at the latest until 09 Feb 2014. I’ll pm you, when I’ve finished updating. Whom can I ask for help as I have never done this before. How can I test if my there’s enough space for my translation?



Thank you for your kind confirmation! I will be your point of contact for any questions which you can ask via PM, email or Skype.

A few tips:

Editing tools that I would suggest to use:

  • WinMerge - which will be useful for you to locate untranslated parts and check which translation wording has been selected for particular items by the previous translator;
  • Notepad++.
    WinMerge – Wikipedia
    Notepad++ – Wikipedia

Files encoding and XML syntax:
The .lang files used in CIS are of .xml format. It is important to preserve the original UTF-8 encoding for German alphabet to be displayed correctly in GUI and keep xml syntax intact as German .lang files with ‘broken’ syntax will not be recognized by CIS and GUI will be displayed in English (default language).

I suggest to check the CIS_German_Untranslated_Strings.docx file where the textual parts requiring translation and the parts belonging to syntax (and not to be translated or modified) are explicitly marked with different colors.


  • Names not to be translated: Viruscope, PrivDog, AdTrustMedia
  • Names to be translated: Virtual Desktop
  • Some stings in the current .lang files are left in English on purpose, please translate only the strings mentioned in .txt (or in the .docx) files.
  • I would suggest to first complete translation of 1031.lang and send it to me before 07 Feb so that the devs can test if the translations fit into allowed spaces well. Then you could proceed with cis and virtkiosk files. Note: You will not be able to test the installer yourself.

Checking translations in CIS interface:

  1. Install CIS 7 Beta choosing German as installation language. Installer file is available here.
  2. Wait till CIS downloads its virus database and finishes Quick Scan, then restart the PC.
  3. After the reboot: open CIS main GUI > Tasks > Advanced Settings > Interface > Updates and unselect ‘Check for program updates every’.
  4. Replace cis.german.lang in CIS installation folder with your edited cis.german.lang file.
    Default file location: c:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\translations\cis.german.lang
  5. Exit CIS using tray icon > Beenden and launch it again. Now CIS will be able to read the translations from your edited file.

From the very beginning you can start editing cis.german.lang when it is in CIS installation ‘translations’ folder. The changes you make will become visible after you exit and re-launch CIS.

NB: If you skip step 3 above, at certain stage CIS will ask you whether you want to download program update. If you confirm, CIS will replace your edited cis.german.lang with the file originally supplied with CIS 7 Beta and your work will be lost.

Once again: if you have any questions on the ‘technical side’ or need context explanations, etc. please do not hesitate to contact me any time including coming weekends 08+09 Feb.

Kind regards,
Skype: will advise via PM

PS: Main CIS translations thread is here:

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@Yoshua: Falls du Hilfe brauchst schreib eine PM an mich. Ich habe bisher CMS über setzt aber bis heute keine Zeit etwas bei CIS zu machen.

Beachte bitte deine PM. Danke.

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Ok rest übersetzt und durchgeschaut.

Das sollte eigentlich die fertige Übersetzung sein. Einige Kategorien sind komisch oder überschneiden sich. Vor allem im deutschen wo vieles unter den selben Oberbegriff fällt.
This should be the final translation. Some categories are weird or overlap with others. Especiall in German where multiple ones fall into the same category.

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Danke, werde das mir in Ruhe durchsehen und dann an den Übersetzungskoordinator übermitteln, damit es dann in die finale Version integriert werden kann.
Ich fand manche Kategorien auch ziemlich komisch und schwer zu übersetzten…aber naja…