need anti virus software ideas

i currently run Avast right now but i saw a comodo virus software and im not sure whether its good or not? Any ideas for a virus software?

Avast is currently the best free Antivirus Software and with the new release of Comodo Firewall 2.4 it’s a formidable combination! The Comodo Antivirus/spyware is currently in beta and many of us are eagerly awaiting a new Stable Release. I definately recommend Comodo Firewall 2.4 as the best firewall out there beating all of the competition! As for the Antivirus which now include Host Bast Intrusion Protection, whatch the Beta Forums. The latest beta still has a fair few bugs so I’d hold off on that and stick with avast for the time being.


i have to firewall and it kicks ■■■. Im new to it but its done really well. should i be worried about Severity events?

Alongside Comodo Firewall 2.4 (latest update) I run Avira AntiVir with no problems. I have a lot of confidence in Avira Av but… every so often there is a problem with the free licence expiring or an update problem, so would only recommend for experienced and determined users. Also it can be deactivated but not turned off, so it wants to be the one to run.

I like an anitvirus that has the option to not launch at start-up, so it can be used as on-demand scanner or on all the time, but I like to have the choice, not have it imposed by the software.

Anyway, thats my setup, and I am happy for now. But watching this space closely for CAVs. development.

the thing is i already have a anti virus which is Avast. im getting alot of severity events such as suspicious behaviors and there high related. I also get alot of access denied which is blocking the user to my PC right? Im new to comodo but has anyone got like 87 high severity events and if so how can i delete them from not popping up agian. should i have Application monitor, component monitor, network monitor and application behavior analysis on? I have all of those except the behavior analysis on. should i turn it on


You must activate it. This is one of the things that make CFP better than the other firewalls
please export the logs at HML ,zip it and attach it here, thanks

sorry for the noob question but how do you do that?

Don’t worry. We are here to help :wink:
Go at the log tab, right click with the mouse and select export in html

ok how do i upload it on the website for you to looks at

when you post select “additional options”->“Attach”->“Choose” and select the file at your hard disk :wink:

thsi is the log for the firewall

[attachment deleted by admin]

It seems that you have blocked the explorer from comunicating with msn through ole automatication. And this is causing the high security warnings. OLE automatication are at 95% of the times ok to allow. But you must keep an eye at the application that trigers them. If you do not recognize it as a safe application of your pc you must block it. Otherwise if it is an application that you know you must allow it. But always pay attention on these alerts and then deside what to do.

For the moment delete the rules that you have for msn, under “application monitor” and reboot your pc. This will solve it.

how do i allow explorer in my firewall i would assume it would allow it cuz i can go on the internet

It is not explorer that is blocked but msn.